A Rainy Weekend Camping Trip


This past weekend we headed out to Lucerne for a little weekend getaway with my best friend, Meagan, and our other friends, Vicki & Tyler! It’s one of my favourite places to camp because it’s soooo incredibly beautiful, and it’s usually fairly quiet! There’s also no cell phone service, and it’s so nice to shut the world off for a couple days. 😌 The weather wasn’t really in our favour, as it was pretty rainy and windy most of the weekend, but we had an awesome time nonetheless! Once the wind settled down later on Saturday afternoon, we drove down to Yellowhead Lake and put the paddle boards and the canoe in the water, with intentions of paddling back through to Lucerne. Well again, the weather wasn’t exactly our friend, so we ended up turning around after we got through the first lake. Meagan and I were having a conversation when we were paddling back about how our adventures usually have a “Are we really sure this was a good idea?” somewhere in the middle of them… “It’s for the memories,” we like to say. Addie is a little trooper, and she rode along in the canoe with Joey, Tyler, and Vicki. They ended up tipping and getting water in the canoe near the shore, and Addie got her little feet wet, but that didn’t stop her from ending the adventure with a big smile on her face! She is such a resilient little adventurer!

We started making dinner when we got back to camp, and we made enough food for about 10 people even though there was only the 5 of us. We learned that Addie is a huge fan of shrimp, and we couldn’t keep giving them to her quick enough. We also had to open a bottle of wine with a drill… Because who remembers to bring a corkscrew camping anyways?!

All in all, it was a really fun weekend! Can’t wait for our next camping adventure!


I’ve been asked tons of questions about my paddle board, so here are some FAQ’s:

What brand/model is it?

It is the ‘Weekender’ by Ten Toes Board Emporium in Blush Pink

How big is it?

10′ Long, 30″ Wide, 6″ Tall

Is paddle boarding difficult?

Honestly, no. It’s way easier than it looks. I’ve only ever tried the inflatable ones, but I’ve heard they are stabler. I think if you fooled around a lot, you’d definitely fall in – Actually, I don’t “think”… I know from experience. But if you’re just out there paddling, and maintaining whatever level of balance you possess, I think you’d be fine. I’ve managed to stay on my board in little waves, with a dog running around, and a drink in hand, so there’s that.

Is it inflatable?

Yes! It is made from military-grade PVC, making it virtually indestructible. To tell you the truth, when it is fully inflated you can barely tell it’s inflatable!

Is it easy to inflate/deflate?

Yep! It takes me about 10-15 minutes to inflate using the foot pump it came with. It gets a little tough at the end getting it up to the recommended PSI, but I’m honestly a weakling and I manage, so I think you will too! As for deflating, it’s literally as simple as removing the fins, opening the valve, and rolling it up. Pretty dang easy!

Where did you get it?

Amazon. Here is the link.

How much was it?

I paid $493.31 plus tax. It was a good deal, which was part of the reason I impulse purchased it back in March. But I’m so thankful I did!

Would I recommend this board?

If you can’t already tell… YES.. 10/10, would recommend.

If you buy a Ten Toes Paddle Board, please tag me in your photos and let me know how much you LOVE it! 💗

Family Photos at Sun Peaks


We got family photos done by the talented Christine Nicole Photography while we were at Sun Peaks. Keep scrolling to check out our entire session! We love them so much! I love being able to look back at these sweet moments over & over again! If you’re looking for a photographer in the Kamloops area, I strongly recommend Christine! She is very, very talented, and also the sweetest, most easy-going person! Joey doesn’t necessarily love being in front of the camera, so having a photographer with relaxed personality definitely makes things a little easier. Thanks again, Christine!


Addie’s First Snowmobile Ride!


This weekend we took Miss Addie up Belle Mountain! It was her first time on a snowmobile, and I’d say she did pretty well! Joey wore her in our Phil & Ted’s Escape Backpack. She was bundled up really well, and we put hot packs in her mittens and boots and she stayed toasty all day long! She was awake the whole way up the trail and then we hung out in the cabin for a little while. She was getting pretty sleepy and due for a nap, so we went for a little ride and she slept like a rock in her carrier on daddy’s back. It felt so special to take her up the mountain for the first time at 11 months old. We are so excited to share our love of snowmobiling, being in the mountains, and getting outside even on the cold, snowy days with her. I think it’s safe to say Adeline is going to be a born & bred little sledder chick.


I wish I took more photos, but we were too busy having a blast!




Will You Be My Groomsman?


Today I’m sharing how Joey “proposed” to his Groomsmen! We swapped out the classic Fireballs labels for custom “Will you be my Groomsmen?” labels! We saw this idea ages ago, and we immediately knew that’s how we wanted to ask the guys! They turned out just as perfectly as I imagined, and they make the cutest little keepsake.

FullSizeRender 45

FullSizeRender 42The labels are from here. I just purchased the instant download files, and printed them myself onto Avery sticker paper. You can also purchase the actual printed labels if you prefer!

We are so grateful for these guys’ presences in our lives, and we are so excited that they all said “YES” to standing up with us on our big day!


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

HELLOI’ve got my man, and now I’ve got my girls too! The excitement is real, y’all! I just wanted to share how I asked 6 of my beautiful, incredible best friends to stand beside me while I marry the love of my life, and be my little wedding planning fairies for the next ten months! I could have just called them up and said “Hey, will you be my Bridesmaid?”  That would have been so simple, so easy. But if you know me at all, you’ll know that that just would not suffice.

FullSizeRender 53

I’ve always imagined my girls and I in matching flannels doing wild bachelorette things, and sitting around a bonfire roasting marshmallows on the night before my wedding. So the flannels were a must-have. Plus they turned out even more amazing than I envisioned! And of course, writing sappy notes is kind of a specialty of mine. Writing these notes, and choosing the photos was so much fun… Getting to momentarily go back in time to all of these memories with such good friends, and reflect upon how wonderful they are and how significant their presence in my life is… Wow, I’m honestly just so blessed to have these friendships.

You guys! I am so happy with how the Bridesmaid boxes turned out, and thank GOODNESS because let me tell ya, it has been a trying experience from start to finish. First off, finding the flannel shirts turned out to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. But after searching at 4 different stores, I did find them! On the very top hook in the store, so I had to have an employee assist me in looking at every single shirt before I finally chose these ones. And then ordering the iron-on vinyls… It’s a very long story… Let’s just say it took over a month to get them, and when I did finally get them, one was missing. THEN I fought with my printer for a full day in attempt to get it to function properly, and once I gave up, it magically started working… Until it quit in the midst of preparing the last box. And then last but certainly not least, shipping them… Including shipping one to an incorrect address, so it is STILL currently stuck in transit back to me. Ah, the joys of dealing with Canada Post. But it’s all worth it in the end because my heart is so full of joy and love after all of these amazing ladies said “YES” to joining me on this voyage to “I Do!”

What a lucky bride I am to have these ‘maids!


Adeline // Ten Months

FullSizeRender 41.jpg


I can’t believe we’re in the double digits! It is such a bittersweet feeling! I can hardly believe in two short months, our little girl’s first trip around the sun will be complete. The past 10 months have been nothing short of amazing. Our love for our Adeline grows, and grows with each passing day. We are continuously learning more about her little personality, as well as learning more about this whole parenthood thing. It truly is a learning experience, but what a magical ride it has been. Even on the most difficult, grueling days – my heart feels so full, and I am truly so grateful for this life. I am so, so blessed to get to be Adeline’s mama.

To Our Addie Girl:

You are ten months old. This past month has gone by so quickly, but it seems like you’ve changed so much over the course of 30 days. You’ve been full on crawling for nearly a month now. You’re also pulling up on things. You are so smart, and the moment we leave a door open for a room you’re not allowed in, you are crawling there as fast as you can go. You now have 4 teeth! You are really enjoying testing those chompers out by biting mom & dad any chance you get. You often choose books over toys and it fills my heart with joy… You love to look at your books, but you especially love it when I read your books with you. You love to play with Scout! Lately you guys have been playing tug-o-war, which you find pretty amusing. You also love to chase him around, though you’re not quite as fast as him yet. You love music, and you instantly start dancing almost every time you hear music! You also love to nod your head. You agree with everything I say right now, so I’m thoroughly enjoying this while it lasts. You love to drink water. You looove food, nothing has changed there! I would say pancakes are currently your favourite food. You also really like hot sauce, which I think is absolutely bizarre and your dad thinks is absolutely hilarious. We are already looking forward to all of the excitement in the next months with the holidays coming up quickly! Cannot wait for what’s in store!


You are so loved, Miss Adeline.