Day Trip to Jasper


Last week one of my best friends, Selenne, came for a visit, so the two of us (plus Scout!) made a day trip to Jasper, Alberta. Being less than 2 hours away from Jasper was one of the things that made me the most stoked about moving back here to McBride – But this was my first trip there since we moved back!

We went to Athabasca Falls first. It’s absolutely breathtaking from every angle, and it really is such an incredible little place to explore. Then we went into town, and had lunch at The Other Paw Bakery – Which was amazing by the way! I couldn’t even finish my sandwich because I was so full, but oh my goodness, it was delicious! After we finished lunch, we went around and explored some of the cute gift shops around town. I’ve always adored looking at all the little knick knacks in souvenir shops. Finally, we went to the Bear’s Paw Bakery for a Chocolate Chai and some cheesecake! Um, yum! This place makes my heart so warm, because it’s been there for ages and when I was little, my family and I went skiing in Jasper a few times a year, and we’d always stop at the Bear’s Paw Bakery on the way to the ski hill in the morning! We also bought Scout some homemade dog treats (Then he took it upon himself to eat all of while we were in the grocery store…) Then we headed for home! It was a really fun, relaxing day. I’m definitely looking forward to more day trips to Jasper since there is so many magnificent places to explore there!



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