Family Snow Day


We’ve always tried to make Sundays our “family day”. Whether it’s taking the time to get our little odd jobs done around the house, having a lazy movie & snuggles day, or our favourite option – getting outside to do something!

Yesterday, we went for a snowy afternoon drive and spent some time playing in the snow with Scout! He loves the snow sooo much! He looks so cute & hilarious bouncing through the snow like a little deer. Mother Nature has taken her sweet time to give us a good snowfall this year, so we were all pretty stoked when it started snowing on Saturday! I think everything looks so clean and beautiful covered in a fresh blanket of snow. We are definitely winter people! We are both really looking forward to doing some little snowshoe adventures with the baby this winter!

The time change is really messing with me because it starts to get dark at 3:30 pm! I am definitely not used to that. It also makes it kind of difficult to get everything done in a day that we would like to get done. We were planning to put up our Christmas lights yesterday, but our afternoon adventure went a little longer than we expected and it was too dark by the time we got back home! Joey’s “honey-do list” just keeps growing 😉

That’s all for now! I have some really exciting collaborations coming up, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading!



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