Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks


Just a quick update to say “I’m still pregnant!” I am beginning to feel my patience running out, mostly due to the fact that I desperately want our baby here before Christmas – But I’m pretty sure I’ve already jinxed myself because of the amount of times I’ve said that I don’t want the baby to be born on Christmas day! I also think I’m getting more impatient because I know SO many people who were due right around the same time as me, and their babies are already here! It feels so unreal that my due date is in 5 DAYS!

I 100% planned on taking Scout to the park today, and taking some cute photos for today’s post while we were there, but the “feels like -18°C” changed my mind. Instead, we are currently cozied up on the couch, watching Christmas movies, while Joey is at work. My ambition for doing anything else for the rest of the day is non-existent.

I’m starting to feel increasingly exhausted each day. Probably because it takes 100x the effort that it usually does to do almost everything – get up from the couch, empty the dishwasher, roll over in bed… Basically to do anything. It’s excruciating. Yes, I’m complaining. I’m 39 weeks pregnant, therefore I am allowed to complain. Joey keeps telling me I’m “taking this pregnancy thing like a champ”. I don’t think he could put up with me if I was a whiny brat throughout my entire pregnancy. I have only had a few occasional diva moments/hormonal breakdowns, and I honestly feel so bad about it after. I feel so lucky to have someone who supports me through everything, and loves me unconditionally (Like even when I take up 3/4 of the bed with my Snoogle).

My  belly button literally just did this “pregnant belly button” thing like 3 days ago – It had remained normal my entire pregnancy up until now. I also have these tiny, little stretch marks above it, where my belly button used to be pierced. So far, other than that, I have no major stretch marks, but I’m definitely not out of the woods yet since I’ve heard that some people get a burst of stretch marks right at the very end of their pregnancy… But my fingers are crossed.



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