Our Bedroom feat. Baby’s Corner!


I thought I would share some photos of our bedroom with you guys! It is most definitely still a work in progress, as there are quite a few more little things we need to purchase/do before it is “complete”. I have an insanely long list in my head of little embellishments I’d like to add (and ideas pinned on Pinterest), but it’s time consuming, and also costly, to decorate – So it’ll be a process! Here’s our little nest at the current moment…

Our bed frame and dresser are from Ikea. We also have a matching wardrobe, but it is so enormous and our bedroom isn’t the biggest, so it is downstairs in the spare room (which is where it will stay because Joey told me the next time he has to disassemble it, he would be doing so with a chainsaw 😂) I’d really like to upgrade to a king size bed eventually (emphasis on the eventually because I’m still working on convincing Joey… He thinks we don’t need one 🙄) Our sheets and duvet cover are both from Jysk! I wanted white bedding so badly, because I just love how crisp and clean it looks! But Joey is a mechanic, and Scout sleeps with us, so laundry day comes a little quicker than I’d sometimes like. We also need to get some throw pillows to tie it all together, but I just haven’t found the right ones yet!

Baby’s Corner!

We’re planning on having the baby sleep in our room for at least a few months, so I wanted to make the baby’s area in our room a fun, cute little addition. I found this mini crib on a Facebook Buy & Sell in the summer, and I had to have it! It was in desperate need of some loving, and my wonderful & talented friend, Meagan, did just that! I scoured the internet for hours to find sheets that fit the mattress with not much luck, and then when I was grabbing a few last minute things at Walmart, I found a set of grey and white sheets that fit it PERFECTLY. I bought the ‘You Are Our Greatest Adventure’ print off of Etsy, and just got it printed at Costco. I’m definitely planning on adding more to the baby’s corner once he/she is here! I’m kind of obsessed with this little area, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of it!



P.S. Here’s a “before” shot of the mini crib!






7 thoughts on “Our Bedroom feat. Baby’s Corner!

  1. wildernesslifeblog

    I love how your dog fits in perfectly with the color scheme of your bedroom 🙂 It looks very nice and serene in there!
    Do you have any connection with Scandinavia? I was just wondering…. seeing as Ikea and Jysk are Scandinavian and I saw your Instagram pic of the book “Danish way of parenting”!


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