Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // Happy Due Date!


I am officially 40 weeks pregnant! I really had my fingers crossed that babe would just surprise us, and show up on his/her due date, but so far, no such luck! Mind you, Joey’s nickname is “Slowey” because I swear he’s late for everything (besides work), and I am one of the most stubborn human beings alive… So it’s no surprise that this baby is taking it’s sweet time to finally come out into the world! I am getting so eager to find out if we have a little girl, or a little boy! My final prediction is boy, but Joey is leaning more towards a girl!

I was able to remain so patient for so long, but I think my patience has finally worn all out. I swear I am getting more uncomfortable by the minute. I’m also still battling a ridiculous cold – So I am exhausted, but I can hardly get any sleep. I’ve been living off of hot water with lemon and honey. I seriously knew 5 people who were due around the same time as me, and they’ve all had their babies already! I never knew that 10 days could feel like such an excruciatingly long time, but now that it’s the maximum amount of time before we’ll finally meet our baby, it feels like a lifetime!

We went out for a little drive today, which was nice because it took my mind off of just sitting and waiting. And Scout got to run around and play in the snow for a bit, so he was a happy camper too! It’s been so cold lately, so he hasn’t gotten much outdoor time. He’s by far the happiest when he gets to go outdoors and adventure, but -25°C isn’t really my favourite time to play outside. Thankfully it’s supposed to warm up a little bit over the next few days, so at least if baby doesn’t show up, we can find some things to do!

Let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t make it to a 41 weeks update…



2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // Happy Due Date!

    • Amanda

      Thank you! We always said we wouldn’t find out the gender! I was so tempted when we first found out we were expecting, but we stuck to our original plan and I’m glad we did! 🙂


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