Addie’s Birth Story


Ever since I first found out I was pregnant, I’ve been obsessed with reading birth stories! Each experience is so unique and personal, and it’s so interesting to hear so many different stories. BTW, this is a birth story, so if you figure it might be a little TMI, just skip this post. 😉

Here’s the story of how our precious, perfect Miss Adeline Anita Rich joined us:

Joey, my mom, and I drove to Prince George on Wednesday morning so I could start being induced. Thankfully my doctors do prostaglandin gel to soften the cervix before jumping straight to Oxytocin!

I wasn’t dilated at all when they checked me, so they did a Cervidil first (basically it’s just a tampon type of thing with prostaglandin gel on it), then we had to go back again that evening for them to check me and do more gel. I was having small contractions, but they weren’t painful at all, so we went to Joey’s aunt’s house to spend the night.

We had to be back Thursday morning by 8 for more gel, and again in the afternoon. They wanted to continue to do the gel until my cervix was “softened” enough to start me on Oxytocin. After we were done at the hospital on Thursday afternoon, we went to the mall for a little bit to walk around, do a little shopping, and then headed back to Joey’s aunts house. I was feeling super crampy, and tired when we were at the mall, but I didn’t really think anything of it.

We were supposed to go back to the hospital around 9pm to get checked again, but I started having regular contractions around 6pm, and then my water started leaking (I totally thought that I had just peed myself at first 😳), so we headed to the hospital around 7:45pm. When the nurse came in to check me, and I was about 4-5cm dilated!

We waited in the assessment room until about 10pm when the doctor got there, and then they moved us to a delivery room right away! The delivery room was much bigger, and more comfortable. I had to move around so much during my contractions… I couldn’t imagine just laying in bed during them. I was constantly moving, even if it was just swaying my hips. I don’t know if that actually helped with the pain, or if it just helped temporarily distract me from it! But it definitely worked for me to get through them. Time was going by so fast – Every time I looked at the clock it seemed like a full hour had passed. I was so tired by the end, and I definitely began contemplating caving and asking for an epidural. I remember thinking that if I hadn’t progressed by the time they checked me again, I would ask for pain meds. I think it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t handle the pain anymore, as it was that I was just soooo exhausated this point. But when she came back to check me, I was 9cm dilated!

By midnight it was time to push, and at 12:38 am on December 30th, 2016, our little girl was finally here! Joey got to “announce” the gender since we didn’t find out beforehand, and all he said was “I was right!” (We had made a bet when we first went into the hospital – He guessed girl, and I guessed boy! I still owe him a back massage…)

It was an incredible, and empowering experience. It was definitely painful – I can’t pretend that it wasn’t! But getting to hold this tiny little person that we had been waiting months for, and seeing such a beautiful girl that WE created… Nothing compares to that!

Also, let’s just talk about labour amnesia for a second. 😂 The very first thing I remember saying when I held Adeline was “You just might be an only child,” and by the time we left the hospital, I would rate the experience of giving birth as “not so bad”, and probably only a 7-8/10 for pain… Which probably isn’t the answer I would have given while I was actually in labour.

Each story is so beautiful and all mamas are so strong no matter what the details of their birthing experiences are, but I am honestly so proud of myself and my body for sticking to my guns and having a completely natural, pain-med free labour and delivery.

Here are some more photos from while we were in the hospital:



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