Sundays are for Snowshoeing





Yesterday was Sunday, so it was our family day! Joey has been really busy at work lately, so we haven’t got to spend much quality time together. But we like to make a habit of reserving our Sundays as a family day. It’s so important to take time from our busy schedules and get to enjoy just being together. 

So when we were deciding what we wanted to do with our Sunday, we took a look at the weather and saw that we had a gorgeous, warm day ahead of us, it was an easy choice to break out the snowshoes! We love snowshoeing in the winter, because it’s such a simple activity, with not much gear required, but I can’t tell you how great it feels to just get outside and breathe in some fresh, winter air. I’m pretty impressed that Addie’s first snowshoe was at only 3 weeks old! She did so good – She just snoozed away the whole time! She didn’t even make a peep, which makes me really happy, and optimistic that we will get to take her on tons of adventures! Joey and I vowed to raise our children to love and appreciate being outdoors, long before we ever got pregnant. Spending time outside is so important to both of us, and we start to go stir crazy if we don’t get out regularly. We already have so many little trips and hikes planned for the summer, and we’re both so excited to get Addie out with us! We are going to be purchasing this backpack in a couple months, so we can get Addie used to it before any of our bigger hikes in the summer.

I wore Addie in my Solly Baby Wrap yesterday. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to start wearing my baby! I looked into quite a few different baby wraps and slings, and ultimately, the Solly Baby was my top choice. My mom bought me one for my birthday, and I’m so glad she did. It’s incredibly easy to put on (it takes me like 2 minutes to get it on me and get her in it), it’s so comfy (for both babe, and me!), and it’s super stylish! My only problem now is that I want to buy one in every colour! Addie was kind of unsure of being in the wrap at first – She didn’t hate it, but she didn’t love it… But she’s getting used to it now, and she seems to like it. It’s so handy for me, because as much as I’d absolutely love to just curl up on the couch and snuggle my little peach all day long, I have other things that I have to tend to as well. It’s really nice to be able to simultaneously snuggle my baby, and vacuum the house, or fold the laundry.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend too! Make sure to follow me on Instagram – I have some really exciting collaborations and giveaways coming up! I also just launched a Facebook page, so head on over and give that a like too!



2 thoughts on “Sundays are for Snowshoeing

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much! We already have so many hikes planned for the summer! Winter is typically my favourite season, but I’m definitely looking forward to the warm weather and sunshine this year since newborn babies and -20°C don’t mix too well!

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