Get Your OVer On!


I’m sure you guys have seen these amazing multi-use baby covers before… This beautiful plaid one is from The OVer Company, and I absolutely adore it! It can be used as a carseat cover, a nursing cover, AND a shopping cart cover! How’s that for versatility?!

Before Addie, I was the type of person who stuffed my cellphone, keys, and debit card in whatever pocket they would fit in and head out. I get so overwhelmed with having to carry around a million things – That being said, I’m fairly minimalistic with what I pack around for Addie. I like to only carry the essentials. The OVer is definitely what I consider essential because it’s so versatile. I can roll it up pretty tight, so only takes up a little bit of room in the diaper bag – and if it’s on the carseat, it takes up no room at all! The material is so soft, and it’s stretchy, which makes it easy to pull over the carseat, or over yourself for nursing!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have this cover for nursing Addie when we’re out and about. It provides complete coverage, as opposed to the “apron style” nursing covers, that pretty much only cover your boob. The OVer covers you all over! The material is incredibly comfortable, breathable, and has no complicated straps or snaps! It’s super simple to slip on and off, and the stretchy fabric allows you to check up on babe, while you are nursing without having to take the cover off. Plus, it’s super stylish! I fell in love with the Classic Plaid print, but there are so many gorgeous patterns to choose from. You can check them out here.

The OVer Company is a Canadian company, created by mama Sabrina Maulucci. She originally created it for her own personal use, but after finding how handy it truly is, she decided to share it with the world! And I’m so glad she did! Another amazing thing about The OVer Company is that they give back to the NICU, so you can feel even better about making a purchase, knowing that some of the $ is going to help precious little babes.

The OVer covers are $50 CAD each, and are free shipping anywhere in Canada (restrictions may apply). That’s a great price, considering you can use it as a carseat cover, a nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover. If you’re a mama who is nursing or planning to nurse, I would definitely recommend treating yourself to one of these! It is so important to feel comfortable while you’re nursing your baby, and this makes it so much easier to comfortably nurse while you’re out & about. This is also an excellent gift idea if you know someone who has a little munchkin on the way!





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