Hello March

making: to-do lists.
eating: booby boons. they’re lactation cookies. i’ll take any excuse to eat cookies (jk, i don’t need an excuse to eat cookies).
drinking: too much coffee. not enough water. ugh.
reading: nothing at this moment… but if you have any good book recommendations, please leave them in the comments!
watching: the 100. because it’s finally back! but sadly, i’m kind of unimpressed with this season so far.
listening: to country music. always. 
wanting: to buy picture frames for our living room wall. and matching bath towels. and a new tv stand. the list goes on…
looking: forward to our summer plans.
wasting: energy on fretting over things beyond my control.
sewing: nothing… my sewing machine is still collecting dust in the corner, unfortunately.
wishing: that i didn’t let change of plans stress me out so much.
enjoying: my maternity leave. i’m already dreading the day it ends and i don’t get to spend every single day with my sweet, little girl.
waiting: for that giraffe to give birth, lol.
planning: addie’s nursery decor. but i still can’t commit to a theme.
liking: that i finally found some ambition to get some daily exercise in.
wondering: what scout is thinking.
loving: every single minute of this life.
hoping: i finally snap out of this funk that i’ve been stuck in for weeeeks.
marveling: at how amazing it is that such a tiny, little human can have such a big, bright personality.
needing: to stop online shopping.
smelling: my scentsy warmer that i fiiiinally started using again.
wearing: jeans. everyday. i never really liked wearing jeans before, but now it’s all i wear. maybe it’s because the abundance of dog hair in my house doesn’t cling to them like it does to leggings.
following: too many people on ig who have perfect, flawless homes.
noticing: how positively practicing gratitude affects my life, and my well-being.
learning: patience.
knowing: that i’ve been slacking at my blog lately.
thinking: about how strange growing up really is.
bookmarking: so many recipes that i’ll probably never even attempt to make.
opening: the mail box. waiting for my t4’s so i can file my taxes.
giggling: at addie’s new range of noises she’s discovering on the daily.
feeling: stressed. blessed.

i hope you all have a fantastic month of march! 🍀


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