Morning Coffee + Goals

Salmon Sisters sent us a set of these amazing oversized enamel mugs, featuring the most beautiful Wild & Free design. They’re huge! Which is so great because I can totally manage with only having one cup of coffee in the morning now. 😉  These gorgeous mugs are handcrafted – Each art decal is applied by hand, baked and melted into the enamel layer. If you’ve got your eye out for a new morning coffee mug, I 100% recommend checking out Salmon Sisters! Love, love, love! ❤️️🐟 


Time has been flying by quicker than ever, and I feel like I’ve been so absent for the past little while! We are so busy for the next few months, and it’s so overwhelming to think about. But I’m attempting to “retrain my brain” to be excited for all of our upcoming events, instead of letting them stress me out. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks, thinking about what I would like this year to bring me. I know it’s already March, and usually early January is the time for these types of posts, but I wasn’t really sure what I really wanted to work on this year – Also we were a little busy when the new year rolled in. 😉  Anyways, now that a couple months have passed, I’ve had the chance to reflect upon what I want to accomplish and improve in 2017.

Routine: I’m trying to work on getting into a routine. We’re blessed with a baby who sleeps on a pretty regular schedule already – I know that this could change any given day, but I feel like while she still seems to be giving us a pattern, I might as well work with it! I’ve been trying to get out for walks everyday, but somedays we just don’t make it out the door, and I really want to change that. We’ve also been meal planning for our dinners and it’s made things easier already, so I’m definitely hoping to stick to that! Having a routine makes life so much easier, and less stressful (especially with a baby), and I know that I’ll be thanking myself in the long run, so this goal is really important to me!

Social Media: I feel that I’ve gotten into a bad habit of constantly refreshing my social media, so I’d like to switch to only checking my social medias 3x a day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening).

Photography: My ultimate dream is to eventually open my own photography business. Last spring we purchased some new equipment with the intent that I would put my nose to the grindstone, and start working on my portfolio. And then about a week after my new camera arrived in the mail, I found out I was pregnant, and we got our butts in gear for moving back to McBride, buying a house, etc. So my plans really got put on the back burner. Now that life has slowed down a tad, or at least as much as it’s going to slow down now… I’m ready to start curating my portfolio!

Socializing: I am an introvert, so naturally I have a tendency to pretty be anti-social. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten into a bad habit of preferring to stay cooped up in my house, and avoid the outside world most of the time. This is terribly unhealthy, and even though I’m always going to be the type of person who thrives on a little extra solitude, it’s important to still go out and be social, maintain my friendships, and make new connections! So I’m going to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone a little more often this year!

I have lots of other little things that I’m always working on, such as being a good mom, a good spouse, and a good person… But these 4 things are my main focuses for the rest of 2017, and I’m hoping to be actively pursuing them! Wish me luck! 😘

As per usual, I am wearing my Naked Nursing Tank today! I swear this is probably my most laundered article of clothing because I wear it whenever I possibly can. It’s so comfortable, and so convenient for nursing. I’m sure I’m not the only mom who is slightly self conscious about my belly, hips, etc. after having a baby, and this tank top is literally the best, because it allows me to keep my mid-section covered up whenever I need to feed my hungry babe! I can wear anything in my wardrobe without having to worry about it being “nursing friendly” because I can easily just lift it out of the way, and still be covered up thanks to my Naked tank! This is a “must-have” item for me, and I think every nursing mama should treat herself to this tank top. On top of it being so convenient and practical, it’s also one of the softest, comfiest tanks I’ve ever worn!


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