Adeline // Ten Months

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I can’t believe we’re in the double digits! It is such a bittersweet feeling! I can hardly believe in two short months, our little girl’s first trip around the sun will be complete. The past 10 months have been nothing short of amazing. Our love for our Adeline grows, and grows with each passing day. We are continuously learning more about her little personality, as well as learning more about this whole parenthood thing. It truly is a learning experience, but what a magical ride it has been. Even on the most difficult, grueling days – my heart feels so full, and I am truly so grateful for this life. I am so, so blessed to get to be Adeline’s mama.

To Our Addie Girl:

You are ten months old. This past month has gone by so quickly, but it seems like you’ve changed so much over the course of 30 days. You’ve been full on crawling for nearly a month now. You’re also pulling up on things. You are so smart, and the moment we leave a door open for a room you’re not allowed in, you are crawling there as fast as you can go. You now have 4 teeth! You are really enjoying testing those chompers out by biting mom & dad any chance you get. You often choose books over toys and it fills my heart with joy… You love to look at your books, but you especially love it when I read your books with you. You love to play with Scout! Lately you guys have been playing tug-o-war, which you find pretty amusing. You also love to chase him around, though you’re not quite as fast as him yet. You love music, and you instantly start dancing almost every time you hear music! You also love to nod your head. You agree with everything I say right now, so I’m thoroughly enjoying this while it lasts. You love to drink water. You looove food, nothing has changed there! I would say pancakes are currently your favourite food. You also really like hot sauce, which I think is absolutely bizarre and your dad thinks is absolutely hilarious. We are already looking forward to all of the excitement in the next months with the holidays coming up quickly! Cannot wait for what’s in store!


You are so loved, Miss Adeline.



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