A Rainy Weekend Camping Trip


This past weekend we headed out to Lucerne for a little weekend getaway with my best friend, Meagan, and our other friends, Vicki & Tyler! It’s one of my favourite places to camp because it’s soooo incredibly beautiful, and it’s usually fairly quiet! There’s also no cell phone service, and it’s so nice to shut the world off for a couple days. 😌 The weather wasn’t really in our favour, as it was pretty rainy and windy most of the weekend, but we had an awesome time nonetheless! Once the wind settled down later on Saturday afternoon, we drove down to Yellowhead Lake and put the paddle boards and the canoe in the water, with intentions of paddling back through to Lucerne. Well again, the weather wasn’t exactly our friend, so we ended up turning around after we got through the first lake. Meagan and I were having a conversation when we were paddling back about how our adventures usually have a “Are we really sure this was a good idea?” somewhere in the middle of them… “It’s for the memories,” we like to say. Addie is a little trooper, and she rode along in the canoe with Joey, Tyler, and Vicki. They ended up tipping and getting water in the canoe near the shore, and Addie got her little feet wet, but that didn’t stop her from ending the adventure with a big smile on her face! She is such a resilient little adventurer!

We started making dinner when we got back to camp, and we made enough food for about 10 people even though there was only the 5 of us. We learned that Addie is a huge fan of shrimp, and we couldn’t keep giving them to her quick enough. We also had to open a bottle of wine with a drill… Because who remembers to bring a corkscrew camping anyways?!

All in all, it was a really fun weekend! Can’t wait for our next camping adventure!


I’ve been asked tons of questions about my paddle board, so here are some FAQ’s:

What brand/model is it?

It is the ‘Weekender’ by Ten Toes Board Emporium in Blush Pink

How big is it?

10′ Long, 30″ Wide, 6″ Tall

Is paddle boarding difficult?

Honestly, no. It’s way easier than it looks. I’ve only ever tried the inflatable ones, but I’ve heard they are stabler. I think if you fooled around a lot, you’d definitely fall in – Actually, I don’t “think”… I know from experience. But if you’re just out there paddling, and maintaining whatever level of balance you possess, I think you’d be fine. I’ve managed to stay on my board in little waves, with a dog running around, and a drink in hand, so there’s that.

Is it inflatable?

Yes! It is made from military-grade PVC, making it virtually indestructible. To tell you the truth, when it is fully inflated you can barely tell it’s inflatable!

Is it easy to inflate/deflate?

Yep! It takes me about 10-15 minutes to inflate using the foot pump it came with. It gets a little tough at the end getting it up to the recommended PSI, but I’m honestly a weakling and I manage, so I think you will too! As for deflating, it’s literally as simple as removing the fins, opening the valve, and rolling it up. Pretty dang easy!

Where did you get it?

Amazon. Here is the link.

How much was it?

I paid $493.31 plus tax. It was a good deal, which was part of the reason I impulse purchased it back in March. But I’m so thankful I did!

Would I recommend this board?

If you can’t already tell… YES.. 10/10, would recommend.

If you buy a Ten Toes Paddle Board, please tag me in your photos and let me know how much you LOVE it! 💗

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