Sundays are for Snowshoeing





Yesterday was Sunday, so it was our family day! Joey has been really busy at work lately, so we haven’t got to spend much quality time together. But we like to make a habit of reserving our Sundays as a family day. It’s so important to take time from our busy schedules and get to enjoy just being together. 

So when we were deciding what we wanted to do with our Sunday, we took a look at the weather and saw that we had a gorgeous, warm day ahead of us, it was an easy choice to break out the snowshoes! We love snowshoeing in the winter, because it’s such a simple activity, with not much gear required, but I can’t tell you how great it feels to just get outside and breathe in some fresh, winter air. I’m pretty impressed that Addie’s first snowshoe was at only 3 weeks old! She did so good – She just snoozed away the whole time! She didn’t even make a peep, which makes me really happy, and optimistic that we will get to take her on tons of adventures! Joey and I vowed to raise our children to love and appreciate being outdoors, long before we ever got pregnant. Spending time outside is so important to both of us, and we start to go stir crazy if we don’t get out regularly. We already have so many little trips and hikes planned for the summer, and we’re both so excited to get Addie out with us! We are going to be purchasing this backpack in a couple months, so we can get Addie used to it before any of our bigger hikes in the summer.

I wore Addie in my Solly Baby Wrap yesterday. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to start wearing my baby! I looked into quite a few different baby wraps and slings, and ultimately, the Solly Baby was my top choice. My mom bought me one for my birthday, and I’m so glad she did. It’s incredibly easy to put on (it takes me like 2 minutes to get it on me and get her in it), it’s so comfy (for both babe, and me!), and it’s super stylish! My only problem now is that I want to buy one in every colour! Addie was kind of unsure of being in the wrap at first – She didn’t hate it, but she didn’t love it… But she’s getting used to it now, and she seems to like it. It’s so handy for me, because as much as I’d absolutely love to just curl up on the couch and snuggle my little peach all day long, I have other things that I have to tend to as well. It’s really nice to be able to simultaneously snuggle my baby, and vacuum the house, or fold the laundry.

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Addie is 1 Week Old! 

I can’t believe it’s already been a week. It’s so cliché, but time really does fly by way too quickly. I’m savouring every moment with our itty bitty baby, because before we know it, she won’t be so itty bitty anymore. She now weighs 7 lbs. 2 oz. and she’s finally starting to fit properly in her NB size clothes!

She’s such a little sweetheart, who loves being held and snuggled. She doesn’t cry very much – until she gets hangry and I don’t get my boob ready for her quick enough! She isn’t a huge fan of diaper changes, but she’s getting much better about it. So far, she has successfully peed on Joey twice, and pooped on me once. 😂

We’re beginning to figure out a routine that works for us, and the past two nights, she has slept solid from midnight – 5am. Other than that, she is nursing about every 2-3 hours throughout the day. She’s pretty alert for a little while after I feed her, before she passes out. It’s so sweet to just sit and watch her little facial expressions.

I’m learning to run on much less sleep than what I’m used to, but on the bright side, I can drink coffee without becoming instantly nauseous for the first time in 9 months! Needless to say, I’ve definitely been relishing my morning coffee the past few days.

Things have been pretty hectic around here since we got home from the hospital! Aside from the obvious, bringing a newborn baby home– We also have a house full at the moment! My parents are here until Sunday, as well as my brother, sister-in-law, and our niece, Elsie. It’s so nice to get to spend time with everyone, and it’s also really lovely to have so many helping hands around. I absolutely love hanging out with my family, even if we’re doing absolutely nothing… Just enjoying each other’s company means so much to me.

Addie and I are headed to Tumbler next week (our first solo road trip is 600 kilometres 🙃), and then Joey will drive up on the weekend. My mom is throwing me a baby shower on Saturday, and then on Sunday, we are having Addie’s newborn photos done! We are also going to see my great grandma so she can meet Addie, and we will definitely be taking some 5 generations photos!

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P.S. How absolutely adorable is that milestone blanket?! I am absolutely in love with it – It’s got me so stoked for Addie’s monthly update photos! It’s by Lulujo Baby, which is a fantastic Canadian company. They also sells the most adorable muslin swaddle blankets, and a bunch of other awesome things. Check them out here!



Welcome Adeline Anita Rich

She’s finally here! Our sweet baby girl, Adeline Anita Rich, was born on December 30th, 2016 at 12:38 am, weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces, and measuring 21 inches! She’s more precious & perfect than we ever could have imagined.

My heart is so full – I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the feeling of finally holding your very own little human in your arms is.  She is so tiny, and so sweet. Seeing Joey with our daughter is the best thing I ever could have imagined. He loves her so much, and is already the most wonderful dad. I couldn’t ask for a better person to hold my hand through this new journey into parenthood. ❤️

Addie is doing very well so far! She’s definitely a night owl at this point (I’m not surprised – She was always most active at night in my belly), but hopefully at some point she will decide the nocturnal life is not so fun. She’s such a quick learner, so nursing is going great! She loves to be all bundled up, and she loves snuggling! She loves wearing mittens, or having her hands covered up. She really dislikes having her diaper changed since it means having to take her clothes off!

Scout loves his baby sis! He gave her the tiniest little kiss on the cheek when he first met her – It was the sweetest thing! He is so respectful of her, but also so curious about her! He keeps his distance, but he’s always close enough to see what’s going on, and he is the first to check out what’s wrong anytime she cries!

My mom is still here for another week or so, which is so nice. I am so thankful to have her here to help us out. Joey and I are both so, so tired and it’s such a relief to be able to lay down and get a few minutes of sleep, knowing she’s with someone who loves her and is taking great care of her. We are both so grateful to have such close-knit, caring families! They are really so important. Adeline is such a lucky girl to get to grow up with two sets of the most remarkable grandparents, a bunch of uncles who already love her beyond words, two aunties who are some of the best mamas I know and are going to be amazing aunts too, and so many other people who are going to fill her life with so much love & joy.

I’m going to get her birth story up on the blog right away, for those of you who want all the little details!

Pregnancy Update: 41 Weeks

I’ve come to the realization that this baby is just preparing us for a lifetime of testing our patience. And you know what? I’m actually perfectly okay with patiently waiting for our little babe to decide when he/she is ready to meet us! We’re so excited, and only getting more and more excited as each day passes! But what is really wearing my patience thin, is people constantly texting and calling me asking if the baby is here yet. I am the worst texter to begin with (mostly because I hate texting), so I have been ignoring pretty much everybody – which makes me feel so rude, but I honestly just don’t have the energy to answer the same question 50x a time when it’s fairly obvious that the baby is still in my freakin’ belly. Okay, I’m finished my little venting session. 😄

This week has been a roller coaster ride of different emotions for me. Maybe it’s just hormones or exhaustion, but I feel more moody in the past week than I have in my entire pregnancy. We are scheduled for an ultrasound and non-stress test on Wednesday, and then I will be induced. We still have our fingers crossed that the baby will just come on it’s own terms before that.

My parents got here on Thursday, which has definitely brightened my spirits! It has been so nice having them here, and Joey is finally off work for a few days. He and my dad went snowmobiling yesterday, and today. My mom brought a big tray of Christmas cookies, so baby and I have been eatin’ gooooood. We all went over to Joey’s parent’s house last night for a delicious steak and lobster dinner. It was so good – I think I’m still full! 😂 We intended on only going over for a few hours, but it ended up being 1:30 am before we came home! I was definitely ready for bed by the time I crawled into bed.

Anyways, Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families! I know we will! 😊

P.S. How exciting is it that this is officially my LAST pregnancy update?!?! I hope you’re all prepared for the non-stop Baby Rich spam you’re in for! 😎

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // Happy Due Date!

I am officially 40 weeks pregnant! I really had my fingers crossed that babe would just surprise us, and show up on his/her due date, but so far, no such luck! Mind you, Joey’s nickname is “Slowey” because I swear he’s late for everything (besides work), and I am one of the most stubborn human beings alive… So it’s no surprise that this baby is taking it’s sweet time to finally come out into the world! I am getting so eager to find out if we have a little girl, or a little boy! My final prediction is boy, but Joey is leaning more towards a girl!

I was able to remain so patient for so long, but I think my patience has finally worn all out. I swear I am getting more uncomfortable by the minute. I’m also still battling a ridiculous cold – So I am exhausted, but I can hardly get any sleep. I’ve been living off of hot water with lemon and honey. I seriously knew 5 people who were due around the same time as me, and they’ve all had their babies already! I never knew that 10 days could feel like such an excruciatingly long time, but now that it’s the maximum amount of time before we’ll finally meet our baby, it feels like a lifetime!

We went out for a little drive today, which was nice because it took my mind off of just sitting and waiting. And Scout got to run around and play in the snow for a bit, so he was a happy camper too! It’s been so cold lately, so he hasn’t gotten much outdoor time. He’s by far the happiest when he gets to go outdoors and adventure, but -25°C isn’t really my favourite time to play outside. Thankfully it’s supposed to warm up a little bit over the next few days, so at least if baby doesn’t show up, we can find some things to do!

Let’s all cross our fingers that I don’t make it to a 41 weeks update…

Our Bedroom feat. Baby’s Corner!


I thought I would share some photos of our bedroom with you guys! It is most definitely still a work in progress, as there are quite a few more little things we need to purchase/do before it is “complete”. I have an insanely long list in my head of little embellishments I’d like to add (and ideas pinned on Pinterest), but it’s time consuming, and also costly, to decorate – So it’ll be a process! Here’s our little nest at the current moment…

Our bed frame and dresser are from Ikea. We also have a matching wardrobe, but it is so enormous and our bedroom isn’t the biggest, so it is downstairs in the spare room (which is where it will stay because Joey told me the next time he has to disassemble it, he would be doing so with a chainsaw 😂) I’d really like to upgrade to a king size bed eventually (emphasis on the eventually because I’m still working on convincing Joey… He thinks we don’t need one 🙄) Our sheets and duvet cover are both from Jysk! I wanted white bedding so badly, because I just love how crisp and clean it looks! But Joey is a mechanic, and Scout sleeps with us, so laundry day comes a little quicker than I’d sometimes like. We also need to get some throw pillows to tie it all together, but I just haven’t found the right ones yet!

Baby’s Corner!

We’re planning on having the baby sleep in our room for at least a few months, so I wanted to make the baby’s area in our room a fun, cute little addition. I found this mini crib on a Facebook Buy & Sell in the summer, and I had to have it! It was in desperate need of some loving, and my wonderful & talented friend, Meagan, did just that! I scoured the internet for hours to find sheets that fit the mattress with not much luck, and then when I was grabbing a few last minute things at Walmart, I found a set of grey and white sheets that fit it PERFECTLY. I bought the ‘You Are Our Greatest Adventure’ print off of Etsy, and just got it printed at Costco. I’m definitely planning on adding more to the baby’s corner once he/she is here! I’m kind of obsessed with this little area, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of it!signature


P.S. Here’s a “before” shot of the mini crib!